Cloud based application

Cefas is equipped with everything needed to run a smooth charity operation.

cefas cloud based charity software application

Local project management

Managing your charity based on projects in different locations requires a work method supporting your local employees. As they run your projects Cefas is built around a philosophy of local management and responsibility. Allowing project leaders to manage their location, keeping track of all resources and provide supervised, when needed translated, communication between sponsor and beneficiary.


Sponsor & beneficiary management using spots

The model we use is based on the principle of a sponsor who wants to be involved with your charity for a longer period. To guarantee stability and continuity for your projects a sponsor is not directly connected to a beneficiary but to a spot within the program. Who uses this spot can differ.

cefas uses spots to connect a beneficiary and sponsor 

A spot within the program can be a learning place for children or adults, nursing place for elderly, shelter for babies etc. Many of them will be with your project and get support by a sponsor during a longer period of time. Communication between the both allowing them to grow a connection. Some will leave after a while, creating a new spot for someone else.  


Application Features


  • Reachable in every browser
  • Encrypted communication
  • Monthly fee
  • Hosting, support, back-up included


Registration & management of:

  • Beneficiaries (children, elderly, families etc.)
  • Sponsors and donations
  • Projects and spots (learning, working, living)
  • Staff (paid, voluntarily)
  • Organisations and contacts


Communication features

  • Between beneficiary and sponsor
  • Controlled and supervised
  • Manual translation

Organisation & administration

  • Payment methods  
  • Countries and languages
  • Ledgers
  • Invoicing
  • Administration software integration


Application features

  • Users and roles
  • Different languages supported
  • Translations
  • Reporting

Web module

Integrate Cefas in your website allowing sponsors to communicate with benificiares in controlled way via supervision by your local staff. The web module provides a secure way to manage communication preferences and gives an overview of the sponsored spots.

  • Easily embedded into your website
  • Secured login

Micro credit module

Taking the involvement of a sponsor with a beneficiary to the next level, Cefas is equipped with a module to manage micro credits. Sponsors can use the platform to give loans to their beneficiaries, enabling them to start a study or a business. All loans are registered in Cefas, where both parties have a clear overview of transactions made and the outstanding amount that still has to be repaid.

Financial integration

Synchronize sponsor contact data. Cefas is ready to connect to every better know financial software like Exact, Afas, Snelstart, Unit 4 among others. 


Mail system integration

Export your sponsor data to your e-mail solution like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, MailPlus, among others.

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